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Interior Design 

for Fast Track New Office in Sutton Coldfield


Academy Transformation Trust (ATT) required a fast track fit-out for their new office. ATT had seen the results of a previous competed project of ours (working for Connect PDI) in the same building, and wanted a similar look and feel.


The project was not only challenging due to the time constraints, but the office itself was in the building’s roof space meaning ceiling heights varied due to the pitch and staggered dormer windows. We managed to turn the project around on-time, and on-budget within two weeks, including the fitting of seamless full height glass cut to match roof detail, and the fitting of a folding door wall between meeting rooms.


Key features included: - 3D modelling to detail design in roof space. - Folding door wall. - Frameless full height glazed partitions - Feature flooring - Power and data modifications - Kitchen with dishwasher.


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